Chalabre is located in the department of Aude, in the Hers-Vif Valley, at the confluence of the river and two tributaries of the right bank: the Blau, which also passes Puivert, and Chalabreil, which may have given the village its name.

History of Chalabre

The village was founded in the nineteenth century and the land belongs to the house Trencavel. After the crusade against the Albigensians, land is bequeathed to Pons de Bruyeres, a family came in Languedoc with Guy de Lévis and Pierre de Voisins, after Simon de Montfort they were allies and neighboring lands Montfort Amaury in the Isle of France. His descendants were the lords, barons and Marquis de Chalabre and are studied in detail in the page dedicated to this family in the armorial Pays d’Oc searchable by lien1. In 1279, the village experiencing significant flooding. In 1350, the walls are finished and form a complete fortification around the village. The city center is a country house of the thirteenth century.

The weekly market

Le marché hebdomadaire

Under cover, Place Espérance Folchet, on Saturday morning.
Wonderful fruits and vegetables can be bought there, fresh eggs, poultry and other mouth-watering delicacies from local producers or nearby.
An mobie butcher is included, a wine merchant, a “pizza” truck as well as clothing for women and men.
A haberdasher and a bazaar complete this activity every 15 days.

Tourism in the area

Chalabre is located at a strategic tourist hub, near the Pyrenees with his family ski resorts, one hour from the Mediterranean beaches or Spain. But there are many sites and nearby places to visit.


LE VILLAGE DE CAMON marche camon

La cathédrale de MIREPOIX mirepoix

La cité de Carcassonne

The green way ‘La voie verte’

Association Traverse119

Le Château de Chalabre

Le Château de FOIX

Le château de Puivert

Le Labyrinthe de Nébias

Le lac de Montbel



The imaginative museum and sensitive museum that evokes the daily life of the past Quercorb and opens a window on medieval music, from the troubadours to the ars nova.

16 rue Barry du Lion
11230 Puivert

04 68 20 80 98

Parc de Jeux Gonflables de Montbel

Games Park Inflatables Montbel

Family fun at the lake for young and old
Inflatable games – € 5 / child
Pancakes – pancakes – Salads – Sandwiches – Paninis – Snack – Kebab – Buvette – Windows – Waffles
Canoe Rental & electric boats

May / June / September / October
Weekend – Holidays – RTT
Everyday from 11am to 21h

July / August / School Holidays
Everyday from 11am to 21h
06 08 77 28 76

Aude Pyrenees

Randonnée pour VTT
Hiking ATV

Sentiers de randonnée pédestre

Hiking trails


Land of the Cathars